Thank you for your support in our recent Provincial Executive council election.

The opportunity to stand as one of the candidates for Calgary City District was a great honour. While the results were not what I had hoped for, I am glad that I participated in the process. I have learnt a lot about running for an elected office and I am looking for the next opportunity to do so again.

Thanks again for your confidence in my ability and your support.


Why am I running as A candidate for District representative?

The Alberta Teachers Association has had a long and rich history of supporting members of the teaching profession in Alberta.

 As an immigrant to Canada, a high school teacher and a racialized teacher in our province, I have stood by for a long time and watched others make plans and decisions that have impacted me and others like me without a complete understanding of our context. I want to add my voice and by extension, the voices of other racialized teachers to future conversations and decisions.   Serving as District Representative on the provincial executive council would provide opportunities for this to happen.

I have seen a number of teachers, new to the profession and some further on in their careers walk away from the teaching profession. I have seen the joy and enthusiasm on the faces of some teachers as they start their careers and the disappointment when they walk away.

If you elect me as one of your District Representatives I will work tirelessly at developing policies to address these issues.

I am running to be your District Representative to better promote changes that will make a difference in our classrooms while making our association stronger. I would greatly appreciate your vote and the opportunity to amplify your voice at the provincial level. 

Together we engage

Together we win

My video MESSAGe 

About Me

I am proud to be one of your candidates for Calgary City district representative on the Provincial Executive Council. Since grade 10 in Jamaica, my dream was becoming a teacher. I am living that dream each day, and now I am extending the dream by moving out of my comfort zone to speak on your behalf, at the Provincial Executive Council.

 Since 2009, I have worked with the CBE as a CTS Teacher. Before that, I served as a teacher in Jamaica, an assistant principal in Ontario, and a principal in Alberta. I currently teach Business Studies at a Calgary High School.

Currently, I serve on the following committees

 I have a B.Sc from Prairie View A&M University, Texas, an MBA from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario.